Sports Lounge

Created for the way sports should be experienced.

The MCR Lounge, home to The Sports Lounge, has been witness to unforgettable milestones in the world of sports. From thrilling World Title boxing matches featuring legends like Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, to captivating World Cup games showcasing the talents of teams such as England and Brazil, the venue has hosted an array of iconic events. Its legacy as a hub for numerous international sporting spectacles remains unwavering.

Originating from Manchester, some of the planet’s most exceptional talents have graced the stages of The MCR Lounge. This rich heritage ensures that today, patrons can indulge in a plethora of top-tier indoor and outdoor live events from around the globe. Whether it’s a high-octane boxing match or a mesmerizing football showdown, the venue continues to deliver unparalleled entertainment experiences.


For sports enthusiasts seeking a more personalized experience, The Sports Lounge offers tailored sessions designed to cater to their needs. With exclusive access to screens, dedicated waitstaff, bespoke bar tabs, and a selection of premium drinks and snacks, guests can enjoy their favorite sporting events in a private and intimate setting. It’s a chance to elevate the viewing experience and immerse oneself fully in the excitement of the game.

Events can be viewed on a large projector with bar snacks available, a fully stocked bar offering a wide array of drinks, and an atmosphere buzzing with anticipation, ensuring there’s something for everyone at The MCR Lounge. Secure your front-row seat and join us for an unforgettable sports viewing experience on the big screens.



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